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Think like a machine
the creative code




Think Like A Machine

Explores human limitations and proposes new avenues for human thinking, inspired by computer engines. In positions the authors present jaw-dropping continuations which humans struggle to find, not due to lower human computing power, due to conceptual and perceptual limitations.

“I like the idea very much, and I enjoyed the fireworks greatly. There is a wealth of entertaining and instructive material, and interesting approach as well.

4 stars!!!”

GM Matthew Sadler NIC, 2020

“A magnificent book”

Nigel Short, 2021
(Was ranked 3rd in the world)

The Creative Code

A fascinating attempt to crack the elusive term ‘creativity”. This book investigates those things which  we define as creative and examines why they are conceived as such. It deals with the question: “is creativity a divine spark, or does it rather consist of fairly simple thinking methods, such that anyone may access and acquire?

The answers are presented by beautiful creative approaches. They are taken from the works of the greatest artists coming from a variety of fields such as photography, illustration, painting, literature etc.

“Unsurprisingly, there are many books that grapple with the idea of creativity, and reading them is sometimes like listening to someone trying to explain a joke nobody got. But there are exceptions, and few are as charming and enlightening as Noam Manella’s The Creative Code”.

Archive Magazine Italy, 2009

Play Unconventional Chess

In this book the reader will discover the incredible power unconventional moves can have. These moves contradict the most fundamental principles of the “old chess”, and yet most of them are played by leading grandmasters.

At first sight these moves look so strange that the reader can not avoid asking’ “was the grandmaster inspired or drunk?” the answer will defiantly surprise you

“Sometimes you wonder what chess books the top players read. I don't think Vishy Anand drinks, but he endorsed an amazing book containing an abundance of alcohol. There is a lot of beer, wine and vodka in the work of two Israeli authors, Noam Manella and Zeev Zohar”.

GM. Lubomir Kavalek
The Huffington Post, 2014

Think Like a Machine Chinese edition

the first and only chess book of Israeli authors that was translated to Chinese. It was published in October 2022 in Shanghai. This is our second co-book after Play Unconventional Chess.

play uconventional chess

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